Volunteering To Take Seniors and Cancer Patients To Appointments

As we go through the ageing process, attending medical appointments becomes more common. Seniors especially seem to have an array of medical appointments and sometimes fret that they are unable to get to and from them. There are many elderly people that do not have a regular form of transportation to get to and from medical appointments. Volunteers can make life so much easier for seniors when they escort them to and from appointments.


The seniors may not have family members close by to take them to their appointments and this can cause a great deal of stress on them. Not only can a volunteer relieve this stress, but a volunteer can also provide comfort and companionship to them as well. A volunteer can help them get in and out of the vehicle, retrieve their walker or wheelchair if required and escort them right into their appointment. Volunteers will wait for them in the waiting room and escort them back to the vehicle and return them home safely.

Cancer Patients

Some cancer patients may not have a means of transportation to attend appointments and treatments. Some are just too weak or feel too ill to drive or take public transit. A volunteer can help cancer patients by escorting them to and from their appointments and provide the security they need knowing they will always have a ride. Positively interacting with the patients may be uplifting and comforting, especially for those that are alone.

Extending Volunteerism to Seniors and Cancer Patients

Seniors and cancer patients may require more assistance than just an escort to and from their appointments. They may need some assistance with grocery shopping and minor household chores. A volunteer can help make life easier for these people by running errands for them and doing their grocery shopping. Some seniors may require assistance with outdoor chores such as gardening, grass cutting and snow removal.