Volunteering in a Hospital or Medical Facility

Many hospitals and medical facilities rely on volunteers to help serve as many people as possible without compromising their care quality. Volunteers enable these facilities to run more smoothly.


Volunteers make it easy for medical care specialists to focus on the patients. Volunteers may be required to perform some of the following tasks:

  • Answering phones
  • Filing papers and documents
  • Running the hospital gift shop
  • Directing patients to areas in the facility
  • Accompanying patients to areas for testing and returning them to their room
  • Stocking supplies

There are so many ways a volunteer can help in a medical facility.

Visiting Patients

Many hospitals have a palliative care unit where patients are placed to receive medical care and pain management in their final days. Volunteers can be uplifting to these patients by visiting with them and providing a listening ear. Some patients do not have any visitors and the volunteers are the only ones they look forward to seeing. Volunteers ensure these patients know they are not alone. They can make someone’s day just by paying them a visit and having a chat.

Delivery of Snacks and Beverages

Some hospital volunteers deliver snacks and beverages to patients in-between meal times or for an evening snack. Patients that are in for lengthy stays get to know and look forward to seeing these volunteers. Sometimes is time for a chat.

The Hospital Kitchen

Volunteers can also help out in the kitchen at the hospital. They may be required to assist with some preparation and the delivery of meals to the patients.

Ensuring Patients Have Telephones and Television

Volunteers help out by visiting new patients to ensure they have the services they require. Volunteers can help them set up the process for obtaining phone service and a working television.

Without the help of volunteers in hospitals and medical facilities, patients would not be able to receive the necessary care they require.