Volunteering at Special Events

A great way to help the community and have fun is to volunteer at special events.

Special Events

There are many community special events that require help from volunteers. Some of these events may include:

  • Hospital Fundraisers
  • Animal Shelter Fundraisers
  • Educational Fundraisers
  • Raising Awareness

Communities greatly benefit from volunteers in their communities, as tasks can be completed without additional costs taking away from the special event.

Volunteer Tasks

Some tasks that volunteers may be able to help with during special events are:

  • Initial organization of the event
  • set up of the event
  • Running a certain area in the event
  • Collecting admission fees
  • Food preparation and cooking
  • serving of food
  • Providing an overview and directions of the event
  • Clean-up following the event

Benefits for the Volunteers

When you volunteer at a special event there are many advantages to this. You feel a big part of the community and can also participate in the special event. Other benefits you may experience are:

  • Visiting with other community members
  • Providing exposure for the need of volunteers
  • Opportunity for social networking
  • Opportunity for business networking
  • An overall feeling of self-satisfaction and self-worth

Benefits To The Community

Offering your volunteer services at a community special event help the event run smoothly. It also alleviates people from being overtasked. The more hands that help the better. When other community members recognize your volunteerism, it may initiate them to become a volunteer as well. This can only benefit your community.

Volunteer Appreciation

Many communities may hold a volunteer appreciation day. This is a day where the community recognizes it’s volunteers and shows their appreciation. Some communities may present volunteers with awards recognizing their ongoing dedication to the community. Volunteer appreciation days may include fun activities as well as meals. This also presents opportunities for volunteers to share stories.