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Our website was developed to inform Canadians about the importance of volunteerism. Creating awareness regarding the impact of volunteering to make our Country a better place to live is extremely important and benefits every single Canadian.

Begin at a Young Age

Educational systems are teaching students about the importance of volunteering within their communities. Educational institutions are now making it their mandate to have students perform approximately 40 hours of volunteer community service in order to achieve their diplomas. The benefits of this are two-fold. Students learn the importance of giving back to their community and the community benefits from the student’s volunteer hours.

Continuing to Volunteer

Volunteering within your community throughout your life leads to self-fulfillment and helps your community. Working individuals may only have the ability to provide a couple of hours a week volunteering but every little bit helps. Many retirees find they have excess time on their hands and choose to volunteer to get out of the house and benefit society.

Impact of Volunteerism

Canada greatly benefits from Canadian volunteers. When citizens volunteer their time to complete tasks within their communities it provides a direct impact on the community. Communities become stronger both economically and socially.

Ways to Volunteer and Help Your Community

There are many ways individuals can volunteer to help their communities thrive. Something as simple as organizing a public park cleanup and hosting a social barbeque afterward leads to cleaning up the community and increasing social networking. Offering to deliver flyers for local businesses to boost sales can greatly impact your community’s economic growth.

We hope you find our website both informative and rewarding.