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Benefits of Being a Volunteer

There are many benefits to being a volunteer. For some, giving back to the community creates a sense of purpose. Below we will review some of the personal benefits of volunteerism. Connecting to Your Community The most significant impact volunteering provides is the benefit volunteerism has on the community. When you volunteer is allows

Corporate Companies Are Involving Their Employees

Many corporate companies are now becoming involved in volunteer programs to help communities in need. It also creates public awareness for the company involved. How Corporate Companies Encourage Employees in Volunteering Being in the public eye in a positive sense is very important for many corporations. A great way to attain this is by

Volunteering in a Hospital or Medical Facility

Many hospitals and medical facilities rely on volunteers to help serve as many people as possible without compromising their care quality. Volunteers enable these facilities to run more smoothly. Tasks Volunteers make it easy for medical care specialists to focus on the patients. Volunteers may be required to perform some of the following tasks:

Volunteering at an Animal Shelter

Volunteering at an animal shelter is a big commitment. Shelters need a lot of help from volunteers. Many shelters are strict on who they accept as volunteers, as they like to ensure their animals are well treated. Requirements Complete an application Attend orientation Attend training courses Make a tax-deductible contribution that helps to cover

Volunteering To Take Seniors and Cancer Patients To Appointments

As we go through the ageing process, attending medical appointments becomes more common. Seniors especially seem to have an array of medical appointments and sometimes fret that they are unable to get to and from them. There are many elderly people that do not have a regular form of transportation to get to and

The Impact of Volunteering in a Homeless Shelter

Positive impacts on communities are derived from volunteering, advocacy and civic engagement. These are the important driving forces that help create change and lead to stronger communities. Communities will thrive with the help of volunteers. Volunteering at a Human Shelter There are many ways to make an impact on those that are unfortunate enough

Volunteering at Special Events

A great way to help the community and have fun is to volunteer at special events. Special Events There are many community special events that require help from volunteers. Some of these events may include: Hospital Fundraisers Animal Shelter Fundraisers Educational Fundraisers Raising Awareness Communities greatly benefit from volunteers in their communities, as tasks

The Value of Volunteer Contributions in Canada

Each day in every area of Canada, Canadians add value to their communities by volunteering in one way or another. Volunteering in conjunction with the millions of citizens across Canada adds value and benefits important causes. Causes Food banks Shelters Hospitals Service organizations Schools Research facilities Volunteers provide services that greatly benefit these causes

Canadian Volunteers

Welcome to our blog about different types of volunteer programs in Canada that help local communities by sharing and developing skills. We hope you enjoy our blog and learn something new, which may help you decide to volunteer in your community. Make Your Community a Better Place Many people do not realize that many